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Mondial du Théâtre - Monaco 2021            August 17th - 22nd

The Colloques

Every morning from 10.00 to 12.30, The Colloques bring together the festival-goers and 3 groups which presented their show the night before. These meetings aim at the exchange on the working methods of the groups, in relation to theatre practices of the current Amateur theater in their country.

They are led by Phil Clark (United Kingdom) and Pierre Notte (France).

Wednesday 18th, Thursday 19th, Friday 20th, Saturday 21st, and Sunday 22nd, August

- History of the group
- Artistic goals and aims of the group

- Group life and organisation

- Creation processus of the group

- Cultural context in which the group lives in its own country

- Relations of the group with the National Centre of aita/iata as well as on international level.

Main topics to be discussed

What’s with the mask?

By covering the actor’s facial expression, the mask forces him to return to the roots of his own presence in the stage space. The gestures must be amplified and everything is oriented towards the body, within a process that leads the actor to a completely new sense of his own dramatic presence. The analysis of the Movement and the Improvisation give the participants the body consciousness and the technical skills to explore the universe of the scenic mask: the fluidity in its emotions, the intelligence of its instincts, the attention to space and rigorous technique of the articulation of gestures.

You don’t wear the mask, you play with it

The mask represents an extraordinary instrument of training for the artist since it prepares for the work of the character, which is the basis of any theatrical language and which accompanies him towards the poetic dimension of the scene. After the work on the neutral mask and the discovery of its relative situation, the actor is ready to explore the human formes in motion and thus meets the larval masks.

They are large masks with simple and essential shapes that come from the traditional Carnival in Basel, Switzerland. They arrived at the theatre thanks to Jacques Lecoq who discovered their pedagogical value in training for the the theatre movement.

Workshop 1: Francesco Facciolli & Scilla Sticchi -

Read - Delete - Rehearse

My work as a theatre teacher and director has three characteristics: grand narratives, visual storytelling and physical play. And whatever I do, I always start together with the players from a common source. What exactly does this play, story or scene plays? What did the writer want to say with it? What would like to tell in the present ? Which wrinting should not be touched ? And which writing can you delete ? What can you physically substitute for it? How could you translate the meaning into visuals?

Together we take up the challenge of juxtaposing text, image and physical play as equal. We start from scenes from well-known plays from the collective theatrical memory such as Hamlet, Macbeth, Death of a Salesman... With the ultimate goal of creating our own language that transcends the various signifiers.

Workshop  2: Katrien Vanreusel -

The Workshops

Every afternoon from 2.30 to 5.00 p.m. high quality workshops aim to give instruction on specific themes to amateurs from all over the world.  Each workshop is independent from the others in order to enable all festival participants and the public to take part.
They are directed by Francesco Facciolli & Scilla Sticchi (Italy), and Katrien Vanreusel (Belgium).

Wednesday 18th, Thursday 19th, Friday 20th, and Saturday 21st, August

Phil Clark

Pierre Notte

Auditorium Rainier III

Francesco Facciolli

Scilla Sticchi

Katrien Vanreusel