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Mondial du Théâtre - Monaco 2013            August 19th - 28th

…since 1957 until today

History of the Festival

In 1957 Guy and Max Brousse and René Cellario, great amateur theatre enthusiasts, with the support of the Monegasque government, decided to help the newly established International Association of Amateur Theatre, by organising an International Festival.

The first International Festival of Amateur Theatre in Monaco, attracted twelve troupes from all over Europe. Concomitantly, the aita/iata held its 3rd Congress.

Thereafter, the Studio de Monaco, National Centre of the aita/iata, with the help of the Monegasque authorities, undertakes to organise every four years in the Principality of Monaco, an International Festival as well as the official Congress of aita/iata. Under the stimulus of the Monaco Festival, IATA grew in stature alongside this Festival of enthusiasts. From the twelve troupes who participated in 1957, the figure reached twenty in the 1970’s, and since 1997 the Festival has attained its apogee with 24 troupes stemming from all 5 continents. That year the Festival, now become a showcase of world amateur theatre, assumed its definitive title of “Mondial du Théâtre”.

During these years, the “Mondial du Théâtre” expanded its activities: in addition to the performances which enable the various troupes to compare their theatrical techniques, Colloquia and Workshops have likewise been inaugurated.

The Colloquia are an opportunity for exchanges between critics, directors, actors and audience, centring on the performances given the previous night.

The Workshops offer a period of tuition, during which well-known international specialists dispense their savoir-faire to all participants as well as to the public.  There have been persons of renown such as, Andrew Tsubaki (Nô Theatre), René Jauneau (Masks technique), Mort Clarke (the use of space), Michail Choumachenko (Stanislavsky method), Allison Williams (masks and body expression), Gytis Padegimas (the actor play)...

The “Mondial du Théâtre” continues to pave the way, guided by three important precepts: confrontation, exchange and instruction.

As long as passion and dedication continue to animate the team of Monaco enthusiasts, the “Mondial du Théâtre” is here to stay!

…through Colloquia

...through Performances

The confrontation
The exchange

…through Workshops

The instruction

All the photos were taken during the 14th Mondial du Théâtre in 2009